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Photos and Gallery of Empire Property Services

Photos and Gallery

Work from Empire Property Services

A little showcase of some of our work

A House Renovation

This was a house renovation we completed recently.

Damp Basement

This was a very damp basement transfomed into a warm dry liveable space.

Poor Conditioned Render

The render was in poor condition lots of cracks so hacked it off and rerendered with stainless steel bell drip and beads installed.

Repointing A Cottage

Racking out cement mortar and replace the cement covered bricks.


These two fireplaces had concrete hearths with damp proof membrane underneath, walls plastered with cement all suffering from heavy salting due to the concrete around the walls. Concrete, DPM and plaster removed left to dry out, limecrete floor with no DPM installed, walls plastered with lime and new oak beam installed, pamments relayed

Very Large Garage Conversion

Converted into a games room, toilet/wetroom. 4 timber biofold doors fitted.


A couple of patios we completed recently.