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Damp Proofing

What you see, when you think you have damp, its symptoms. Not actual damp, but the physical manifestation of trapped moisture trying to escape and dry out the building fabric if it can. Things like flaky paint, crumbly plaster, rotting skirtings - all of these are telling you that there is moisture present, and if you release it, the place will be dry. Damp patches on chimney breasts are not damp - they are salts.

There ARE some things that cause real damp problems - penetrating damp for one. If you have leaky gutters and downpipes, you can get all manner of problems internally. If you have leaky drains, there's a good chance you'll end up with a gungy wall somewhere. If external ground levels are too high, of course the walls will be a bit stressed inside.

All these things are common sense - they don't need the local Property Care Association 'timber and damp' contractor to come and tell you that you have 'rising damp'. We show you how to sort the problems once and for all - WITHOUT any form of damp proofing or damp treatment.

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Dry Rot, Wet Rot Eradication

Dry rot is a serious timber condition caused by fungal growth. It will cause the decay and degradation of any timber or cellulose based product such as cardboard and paper it comes into contact with and this can often result in structural integrity problems for properties affected by it.

Dry rot needs moisture to flourish – the “dry” in its name only indicates that it requires less moisture than wet rot to flourish. Common moisture sources that lead to dry rot include leaking pipes and external water ingress from damaged guttering, roof tiles, down pipes or more commonly in poorly ventilated sub floor voids.

Thankfully, dry rot does not need to be the “property killer” it is often portrayed to be. A dry rot treatment programme carried out by an experienced and qualified expert can eliminate the problem and the earlier you can identify dry rot the more simple and cost effective treatment becomes.

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Woodworm Treatments

Woodworm is the name given to the larvae of many different species of wood-boring beetles. These little critters can afflict any property, old or new, by weakening timbers to the point that structural integrity becomes at risk.

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Basement Waterproofing

Do you have damp, dank basement that you want to turn into something spectacular? Then you need to start by making it waterproof.

If you are considering adding value your house, a basement conversion can be a cost effective choice. Increasing property value is not the only reason to go for a basement conversion though. A well presented basement will add extra space to your property.

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Condensation Control

Affecting an estimated one in five UK properties, condensation is perhaps the most common cause of damp problems in buildings and homes. It is the result of warm, water vapour filled air condensing when it comes into contact with cold surfaces like walls or windows and leaving behind beads of water (condensation) on the surface. If left untreated, condensation can lead to peeling decorations, unhealthy living conditions and black mould growth.

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All aspects of plastering carried out to a high standard cases

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Lime Plastering

So often we come across period homes that have been brutally rendered or pointed using a cement based mortar- it can only lead to the cracking of the hard material and subsequent infiltration of moisture,which can soon damage timers and masonry underneath.

In such cases the usual approach is to carefully remove the cement render

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General Building Work

We specilise in renovating your property into what ever you want.

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Garage Conversions

You can turn your cold and under-utilised garage into a warm and habitable room, potentially increasing the value of your house significantly. Whatever you want to use the extra space for we can help plan your garage conversion.

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